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250 children show enthusiasm for the Stories of Children Show

Over 250 children fascinated by the Stories of Children Show, the comedy written by Letizia Galli and staged at the Teatro ai Frari in Venice by the Neapolitan company Bambara on 9th, 10th and 11th April.

Over three exciting days, the children of Venice and the surrounding areas were able to meet some of the protagonists of the exhibition “in the flesh”. The exhibition is open until 15th April at the Children’s Provincial Institute of Santa Maria della Pietà.

The six magnificent actors, in the marvellous tradition of the “Commedia dell’Arte”, have given life to the nanny Filippa and the attendant Rosa, to Arrighetto and Agata Smeralda, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, taking a leap into Greek mythology with Danaë and her cruel father Acrisius.
Mouths were agape, eyes misty and laugher uncontainable. Collective decisions and votes were made in agreement with the comedians, decreeing the great success of this show that led to the conclusion of the Venetian leg of the Stories of Children project.

We salute the protagonists of this exciting exhibition and look forward to seeing you at the closing on 15th April 2018.
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