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We are pleased to present you the book Children and Art. Confronti 1 curated by Letizia Galli which contains the proceedings of the conference held in Venice in 2018.

The volume is published by the Artebambini Editions and the MANN, National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The latter will continue with Letizia to explore this complex and fascinating theme in a series of subsequent events to be held starting in 2022.


Exhibition in VeniceNews

Goodbye for now!

Stories of Children leaves Venice after four months of intense activities for adults, families and children, along with educational workshops for schools, animated readings, moving visits, theatrical performances, carnival activities, a grand opening concert in the venue where Vivaldi taught music to orphans, screenings of the great classics of cinema…
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Exhibition in VeniceNews

250 children show enthusiasm for the Stories of Children Show

Over 250 children fascinated by the Stories of Children Show, the comedy written by Letizia Galli and staged at the Teatro ai Frari in Venice by the Neapolitan company Bambara on 9th, 10th and 11th April.
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Exhibition in VeniceNews

Stories of Children becomes a Show

Stories of Children becomes a Show - 9th, 10th and 11th April - Teatro ai Frari - an exhilarating comedy suitable for all ages. The show presents the stories of some of the protagonists of the exhibition currently open at the Santa Maria della Pietà Complex in Venice until 15th…
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Great success for the “Children and Art” conference

There was great interest in the topics addressed by the panel of international speakers and prestige amongst pedagogical reflections and case stories (with presentations on the methodologies and activities of museums, both Italian and foreign), on the various aspects of the theme “Children and Art”, starting from the fundamental one…
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In Venice, a sneak-peek at the first of the “Stories of Children Zoom” Notebooks, on the “Oltre la Frontiera” conference

The montage of Stories of Children by Letizia Galli is enriched with a new piece of great significance - the publication of the first of the “Stories of Children Zoom” Notebooks, which collates the contributions of the conference hosted in the Salone Poccetti of the Istituto degli Innocenti on 7th…
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Exhibition in VeniceNews


A new synergy born in Venice, this time with the Ca’ Foscari University and the Kids University project! The new Ca’ Foscari and Pleiadi competition is open online in the context of Kids University Venezia 2018. It is aimed towards primary and secondary school classes who will be able to…
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Venice, from 16th December 2017 to 15th April 2018

Istituto Provinciale per l’Infanzia Santa Maria della Pietà
Castello 3701, Vaporetto line 1,2,14, stop San Zaccaria.
The exhibition will be open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Florence, from 25th March to 28th May 2017
Museo degli Innocenti – Salone Borghini
Naples, from 20th November 2016 to 28th February 2017
Real Casa dell’Annunziata

The Project

The idea of an exhibition accompanied by numerous concurrent initiatives was born from a visit by the artist Letizia Galli to the Istituto degli Innocenti (Institute of the Innocents) in Florence.

Thus came the story of “AGATA SMERALDA” and the idea of creating a large-scale exhibition displaying around 210 original drawings by the artist of the various characters of her children’s books published not just in Italy, but also in France, Germany, Spain, the United States and Japan.


The experiences of the characters in the books by Letizia Galli are added to those of Agata Smeralda, sharing the stories of all the children who dream about, hope for, want a better future.

Agata Smeralda

Protagonist of the new book by Letizia Galli, she follows the goings-on of the Istituto degli Innocenti at the time of its foundation and when the first child was left there in 1444.

(from the book “Agata Smeralda” – published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, Modena)


Protagonist of a contemporary story that unfolds in the underground of the Moscow Metro.

(from the book “His name is Igor” – published by Palace Verlag, Zurich and other countries)


The story of a child from the African desert lured by the dream of a better life, who listens to the voice of a mysterious butterfly.

(from the book “Comme le Papillon” – published by Points de Suspension, Paris)


The story of a child living in a large crowded city who transforms the din into fabulous music.

(from the book “Willy’s Stadt” – published by Atlantis Pro Juventute, Zurich and other countries)


The tale of Michelangelo’s rebellious childhood and youth through to his creation of the magnificent ‘David’ statue.

(from the book “Michael the Angel” – Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, Modena)


The antics and uniqueness of Leonardo da Vinci since he was a child, and his artworks that all have embraced.

(from the book “Mona Lisa, the secret of the smile” – published by Franco Cosimo Panini Editore, Modena)


The magician Federico Fellini in his hometown of Rimini, narrated by his famous fibs.

(from the book “Il sogno di Federico” – Rose Archinto Editore, Milan and other countries)


Dora, a South American girl, enters into the creepy labyrinth of a Luna Park, facing and overcoming her phobia of insects all by herself.

(from the book “La Folle Équipée” – Grasset Jeunesse Editore, Paris)

Aïcha, Réhane, Salima

Three African sisters and their mother flee from their warring country of Senegal and find refuge in Mali.

(from the book “À la courbe du Joliba” – Grasset Jeunesse Editore, Paris)

Sara e Pietro

The brother and sister team find seemingly insignificant objects in the attic, about which they tell the most adventurous stories.

(from the books “Il bottone di Sara e Pietro”; “La scatola di Sara e Pietro”; “La palla di Sara e Pietro” – Fulmino Editore, Rimini)

Zeus, Hermes e altri…

The birth of the most famous characters in Greek mythology. Zeus, Hermes and many more…

(from the books “La mitologia, le avventure degli dei”; “La mitologia, gli eroi e gli uomini” – Centurion Editore, Paris – Lapis Editore, Rome)

Nino, Susi, Toni, Ines

Nino, Susi, Toni and Ines manage to solve the problems of the planet in a simple and joyful way.

(from the new series on ecology)


Letizia Galli began her career as an architect before creating a series of gorgeous comics adapted from the great works of theatre and opera for the Corriere dei Piccoli (“Children’s Courier”). Following on from being published, either as an illustrator or writer-illustrator, she produced numerous books, mainly in Spain, the United States, Germany and France.

Her main source of inspiration is the artistic patrimony of Italy, dear to her childhood in Tuscan. Either alone or together with a range of authors, Letizia Galli creates books that are brimming with wisdom and, at the same time, imagination so as to render accessible to children the artistic universe of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, the cinema of Fellini to which she dedicated a book (Premio Encres et argent, 1994), of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus, characters from the Commedia dell’Arte, the Greek-Roman myths (Premio Octogone, 1991) and the Bible (72 episodes of a television series, 1987-1988, then books translated into 27 languages).

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