Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Suitable for: Secondary school 1st Grade

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The original Stories of Children storyboards will be studied specifically in terms of the relationship between content and textual and illustrative composition.
Next will be the workshop phase focusing on understanding how an illustrated story is born. The artist herself, Letizia Galli, will unveil the secrets of this art! We will watch as her hand gives life to the characters, positions them on the paper and within a scene, before then dressing them, colouring them in, and uniting them with the words. No doubt, everyone will want to have a go!

At this point, we must find a wonderful tale to tell and two choices will be offered. Letizia has sought to imagine the childhood of great Florentine artists, those of her homeland, such as Leonardo and Michelangelo. Why not have a go at recounting how some illustrious Venetians may have been as children? Since no-one has told the tale of this phase of their lives, why not do it ourselves?
Here are some illustrious figures to choose from: Carlo Goldoni, Marco Polo, Jacopo Tintoretto; Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, Elisabetta Caminèr (the first director of Giornale Enciclopedico in Italy), Giuliana Coen Camerino (the creator of Made in Italy), and many others. Together we will look at their achievements as “grown-ups” before then trying to imagine them as children. There will be time to draw and illustrate the story, working in a group according to the tasks required and undertaken during the workshop.
Have you heard stories from your peers that are especially impressive and which address the themes related to relationships with others, to communication, to rapports? We will listen to them together and then plan how to communicate these through text and illustration.
Letizia will be happy to read and look at your stories, with no shortage of observations and suggestions. She may even choose the most interesting and engaging to transform into a new book in the Stories of Children series! Let’s have a go!


– To encourage the participants regarding knowledge of the creative and practical process in the creation of an illustrated book.
– To motivate the creativity of the children, their imagination and the ability to talk about and express themselves, through words and illustration.
– To encourage group work by including everyone in the role that best suits their skills.


– To learn about drawing techniques: the features, the representation of objects, animals, characters and historical or imagined environments.
– To acquire skills regarding the different phases of designing and making a book.

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