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The masterpieces of cinema are united with the Stories of Children exhibition in order to provide young ones with tools for freedom, dreams and hopes.

Watching great films, ones that can be considered as classic masterpieces, broadens the perspectives on the themes expressed in the Stories of Children exhibition, whilst also offering food for thought and being able to enchant viewers of all ages.5 events will be held, with a replica dedicated to the families. The films being shown are: “La Strada” by Federico Fellini, “The Kid” by Charlie Chaplin, “August Rush” by Kirsten Sheridan, “The Two Orphans” by Mario Mattioli, and “The Chorus” by Christophe Barratier.

It is by no means an unusual idea nor one with an uncertain outcome to expose children to these masterpieces. Children are extremely sensitive to all that is beautiful and in this regard, the entire message of the exhibition lies in this great change in attitude that the adults have towards them”, says Letizia Galli.

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