Dates: 21st January, 18th and 25th February, 4th and 18th March, 1st April 2018
Cost: free
How to participate: reservations recommended
Suitable for: adults and youths from 7 years of age

The screenings will be held at the exhibition site at the Children’s Provincial Institute of Santa Maria della Pietà.
from Piazzale Roma or the Ferrovia, via ferry 2, 4.1, 5.1 at the San Zaccaria stop. [go to the map>]

For further information:
STORIES OF CHILDREN Secretariat – tel. +39 371 1188031 – email:

Reflections on the side event Cinema

In addition to the other side events, all aimed at expanding on the perspectives within the themes expressed in the “Stories of Children” exhibition, we offer a list of great films considered to be classic masterpieces.

  1. “La Strada” by Federico Fellini
  2. “The Kid” by Charlie Chaplin
  3. “August Rush” by Kirsten Sheridan
  4. “The Two Orphans” by Mario Mattioli starring Totò
  5. “The Chorus” by Christophe Barratier

The messages behind each of these beautiful works are obviously different, but all encompass themes that closely resemble those of the exhibition.

“The Kid” will bring viewers closer to a moving story of affection, “La Strada” towards the book “Il Sogno di Federico”. “The Chorus” offers the possibility of redemption through music, in the most appropriate of places, Santa Maria della Pietà.

What’s more, Totò’s ups and downs in this film arouse great amusement, featuring characters from David Griffith’s 1920s cinematic masterpiece.

It is by no means an unusual idea nor one with an uncertain outcome to expose children to these masterpieces. Children are extremely sensitive to all that is beautiful, and in this sense the entire message of the exhibition lies in this great change in attitude the adults have towards them, providing them with tools for freedom, dreams and hopes.

As to my personal experience, I travelled all around France for the book “Il Sogno di Federico” and on these occasions, I showed the film “La Strada” – even the youngest (under six years of age) never took their eyes from the screen, being captivated to the very end. This is simply because that which we are showing them is a masterpiece.